A landscape is not simply the scenery that surrounds us. It is framed or enclosed, much like we do when we take a photograph or when we design a garden. This framing is not a purely physical, but also a cultural and perhaps even a very personal activity as well. When thinking of the term landscape some of us will imagine a park-like setting, while others may envisage a mountain landscape or even a seascape.


The term landscape, as Simon Schama (amongst others) has pointed out in his book Landscape and Memory was derived in the 15th century from the Dutch ‘landschap’, used to signify the genre of landscape painting. The etymological origins of the word landscape, writes J.B. Jackson in his book Discovering the vernacular landscape, date back to the 5th century words ‘landscipe’ or ‘landscaef’, which referred to ‘a composition of man-made spaces on the land’.

The Magazine project is intended as an exercise for students in (re)presenting their artistic output. It turned out to be more than a mere representation of previous work. LANDSPACE is a compilation of five new and full-blown projects. We are proud and happy to share these with a wider audience!

Frank Bruggeman, Corine Datema,

Roosmarijn Hompe en Tatjana Quax


Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague